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Friday, September 4, 2009

Samsung Plasma HDTV Electronics Review

This electronics review is for the Samsung PN50B550 Plasma HDTV. I purchased this T.V. with good expectations, and this 50 inch T.V. matches just what I wanted.

This HDTV uses a new E-Panel Technology which reduces blurring and produces clear and crisp video quality. This was really nice when I was watching movies. I really enjoyed the color and quality of my movies.

The T.V. is in 1080p resolution for high picture quality. I was able to load up pictures from my camera onto my T.V. and view them in excellent picture quality. In addition, the T.V. has a wide color enhancer which gives you more brighter colors rather than washed out colors.

The T.V. also saves money by using Energy Star Compliant, which causes your T.V. to use up less energy while running.

Gaming was also really nice on this T.V., as it has a game mode which speeds up the image processing system making game playing quality really nice.

The T.V. also had two built in speakers completing a rich surround sound experience.

I was extremely pleased with this T.V. Whether it was playing games, viewing pictures, or watching movies, the Samsung PN50B550 T.V. delivered a truly outstanding performance. I believe this was well worth the investment.

I rate this a 4.5/5


  1. Thanks for the post ! Reading Plasma HDTV reviews give an insight into the design, color, picture quality and resolution of the TVs. Most of the HDTVs now are having a resolution of 1080p. This helps to view movies on Blu-ray players with great clarity. The images appear to be completely natural. According to Plasma TV reviews, you may also feel as if the characters will come to life before your very eyes! At last I'd like to say that It is simply S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.

  2. really u looking fantastic and it is a new E-Panel Technology which reduces blurring and produces clear and crisp video mp3 music


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