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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Canon Powershot G11 Electronics Review

This electronics review is about the Canon Powershot G11 Digital Camera. Canon has been known to be a very reliable camera company making some of the best quality cameras out there. This camera does just what it has to do better. The G11 has some of the best picture taking qualities of any camera I've had up to date. There are many options that make this camera a worthy option.

The G11 has a new 10 megapixel sensor. This makes taking pictures smooth and simple. It also makes photo taking very fast. So if you need to capture that one moment, the G11 can do it.

Uploading images is simple and is uploaded in RAW or JPEG formats. This gives clearer images as well as amazing editing features. There are also 26 different shooting modes! You can shoot all sorts of things like flowers to people all with different shooting modes.

What I really liked about this camera was the amazing zoom feature. The camera features a 5x optical zoom. Combined with Canon's Image Stabilizer Technology, I was able to take pictures from a far away but get a clear and steady image.

It also provides a contrast correction. If someone is standing in a shady area, you can brighten up the area. This feature made my images much easier to see.

Another AMAZING feature is the auto mode. The camera will automatically take pictures for you. You can just set it down on auto mode and it will take the image for you. But, that's not all. It also chooses the correct settings for you as well. Say I'm taking an auto picture of flowers, the camera will analyze the scene and take the picture on flower mode. It is truly amazing.

The Canon Powershot G11 is a great digital camera. It has so many amazing qualities and is one of the best cameras I have ever bought. This has been one of my best investments.I hope this electronics review helps you decide which camera you should get.

I rate this a 5/5

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