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Sunday, September 20, 2009

HP Pavilion G70-250US Laptop

This electronics review is for the HP Pavilion G70-250US 17.0 inch laptop. This is a really great laptop, and one that I highly recommend, as I enjoyed this, and I use it more than my desktop.

Firstly, the G70 comes with a 17 in screen. Extremely big, which is perfect if you are watching movies. Bigger screen = better resolution. It has a built in web cam with microphone so that you can easily web chat, chat vocally in games, and more. External DVD buttons give you full control over how to watch movies and play music through HP Quickplay.

The laptop comes with a 2.0 GHz Intel Premium 24200 processor. This processor makes multi tasking extremely easy. You can easily play games while running a virus scan in the background. The laptop runs smooth and efficient. It also comes with a 320 gb hard drive which is a ton of space for storing different files, music, games, and more!

The 17 in high definition screen with a widescreen resolution of 1440x900 pixels is perfect for watching movies and playing games. Great graphics really help this laptop in delivering a truly outstanding experience.

My only complaint with this laptop is that it comes with Windows Vista, which is a really bad client. Expect many crashes not because of the laptop but because of Vista. Hopefully when Windows 7 comes out, it will fix these problems.

Overall, the HP Pavilion G70-250US Laptop provides a great experience whether it be playing games, watching movies, or surfing the web. Stunning visuals, lots of space, and a fast processor all make this laptop truly worth getting.

I rate this a 4/5

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Xbox 360 Elite Electronics Review

This electronics review is for the xbox 360 elite. The elite just got a price cut, which has made it viable to purchase, and I really enjoyed the features on the Xbox 360 elite.

The Xbox 360 has some of the best games out right now such as Halo 3 and Gears of War 2. This makes it one of the leaders in gaming technologies. It not only supports great gameplay, but also includes high def video, DVD movie playback, digital music, movies, and more!

Nothing much is really different with the Elite except that it functions much better than regular Xbox 360's. The pack comes with:
* Xbox 360 Elite console (black)
* 120GB hard drive
* Wireless Controller (black)
* Xbox Live Headset (black)
* HDMI port
* Composite A/V Cable
* Xbox Live Silver membership
* One-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold

With the price cut, the Elite is made much viable to buy. Overall, the gaming is really fun. The games are just amazing, and playing online, even though it costs money, is really great. It's use as a DVD player and music player make it even more useful. The Elite is a great value for only $299.

I rate this a 4.5/5

Thursday, September 17, 2009

LG BD 390 Blu Ray Player

This electronics review is for the LG BD 390 Network Blu Ray Player. I purchased this blu ray player, and it was nice, but there really isn't any point in purchasing this if you already have a blu ray player or a ps3.

One thing I really liked about this blu ray player was that it has integrated wi-fi capabilities. This means you can use the BD 390's streaming services from anywhere that you have internet. Netcast Entertainment Access allows you to stream videos from places like Youtube, Cinemanow, and Netflix directly from the internet to your T.V. This makes renting movies and watching videos a whole lot easier and faster.

The blu ray player delivers audio and video content in 1080p quality. This is standard for almost all blu ray players, so nothing new here.

The system has a feature called Standard DVD Up-Scaling. This makes regular DVD qualities look better on this blu-ray player, so no need to get blu ray only movies.

The audio is very nice supporting HD sound and can send up to 7.1 channels of surround sound, for the best audio experience.

Transfer your favorite music, movies, and videos to your BD 390 directly from your computer to enjoy them on the big screen.

A very nice blu ray player for people that don't currently have one right now. It has some really neat features like wi-fi and DVD Up-Scaling. Though, you may not want to buy this if you already have a blu ray player, as it doesn't offer anything extremely new.

I rate this a 3.5/5

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zune HD Electronics Review

This electronics review is for the zune HD. I was surprised after hearing that Microsoft was releasing a new Zune to compete with the Ipod touch and so I pre-ordered it a couple weeks ago and I was able to receive it today.

The Zune HD comes with a 3.3 in OLED screen. Even though the screen is smaller than the touch, the OLED screen gives more crisper colors making images look better. This is perfect for movies and games.

Listening to music is a blast with the Zune HD. Hearing the music is very nice, but an additional point that the Iphone doesn't have is that while listening to music, the Zune HD gives you a small picture and some information about the band you are listening to. It's really interesting, and though some people won't really care, other's like me will be interested to see some information about the band we're listening to.

The internet browser is nice, extremely similar to the touch. You tap to zoom, have a touch screen keyboard to type, and go to the next page by sliding your finger to the right.

An HD radio is something new being offered. While the touch doesn't even support FM radio, the Zune HD offers you to listen to the radio in HD format for crisper sounds. This was a really nice feature of the Zune HD.

The zune software is very nice looking. It is easy to use and looks much better than itunes. Also a really nice and money saving feature is you can get a zune pass, and download unlimited amounts of songs to your zune for just $15 instead of buying seperate songs. I found this a really nice comfort.

The one main area the Zune is weak on is the marketplace. The Zune has closed its doors to any 3rd party developers and Microsoft will be the one's who will be making the apps. This could be good as well, since you won't be getting a ton of lame apps.

The Zune has also announced that it will be releasing many 3d games in the near future like Gotham Racing. If it can pull this off, it could outcompete the touch and psp as a gaming console.

Right now the Zune HD offers many new features not offered in the Ipod touch. The only downsides are that the apps won't be created by any third party developers, and right now the apps store has literally no apps. We'll just have to wait and see if the Zune HD will get momentum as time moves on. It may be able to outcompete the Ipod touch and deliver a great experience.

I rate this a 4/5

Monday, September 14, 2009

TomTom GPS Navigator Electronics Review

This electronics review is for the TomTom GO 720 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator. I thought this was a nice and decent GPS system, but doesn't really offer anything significantly astounding for people that already own a GPS. Though, this is a great deal for people who are first time GPS shoppers.

The Go 720 has a great user interface that is very easy and user friendly. Just switch it on, plug in your destination, and you're good to go. The GPS comes with pre-uploaded maps of the U.S. and Canada, and has frequent updates so that your information is never outdated.

The Go 720 features a 4.3 in touch screen LCD with anti glare technology. Featuring a nice size, it isn't very hard to type in addresses with the touch keyboard. It also shows maps in a 3d view. Spoken instructions tell you exactly where to go, and gives you the best routes available. If you find a route you like best, you can program it into the GPS.

The GPS also includes a wireless FM and music player, so you can transform your GO 720 into a music player when not being used as a GPS. It also provides a document viewer and photo viewer to store images on it so you can view them on the go.

Overall, the TomTom GO 720 is a nice GPS system. Though, if you have a previous GPS, it doesn't really provide many new options. But if you're a first time GPS buyer, the TomTom is a great GPS system with some really nice features.

I rate this a 3.5/5

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sony Alpha DSLRA350 Electronics Review

This electronics review is for the Sony Alpha DSLRA350 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera. My friend purchased this camera, and let me test it out. All I can say about this camera is "wow".

The Alpha SLR features a 14.2 megapixel feature for taking spectacular looking pictures. The pictures that I took with this camera looks breathtaking whether they were pictures of flowers, or my friends.

The camera features a large tiltable 2.7 inch clear photo LCD screen to allow a clear view of your subject. This makes taking pictures from any point of view a breeze. The camera also allows you to continuously take pictures at 2 frames per second while looking through the LCD screen, so you never miss the action.

This camera has great zooming capabilities. One touch of the zoom button causes the camera to zoom at 1.4X, another push causes it to zoom at 2.0X.

A broad ISO range from ISO 100 to ISO 3200 allows the camera to capture beautiful images in dim light. No more darkened images with this feature!

The battery size is huge. You will be able to take up to 750 images without a charge. You'll also be able to see how much power remains to understand when to take pictures.

The camera includes many different scene selection modes for different scenes. Modes include athletic, sports, macro, sunset and darkness, and many more. Choose the right modes to take the perfect pictures in the right scenes.

Trying out this camera, I was very impressed. This camera is extremely sturdy and durable and I would recommend the Sony Alpha DSLRA350 to both professional and casual photographers alike.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Electronics Review

This electronics review is for the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote. This remote is such a great device and makes flipping through different tv modes a breeze.

The Logitech Harmony Remote is a universal remote. This means that this one remote controls all the functions of any home electronic device. It can be used to play DVD's, change channels on cable, play the radio, switch to different TV videos and much more.

The Remote looks beautiful with a intuitive touch screen. Just press a button, and you'll be flipping through channels or watching DVD's. The remote is also rechargeable meaning that batteries won't be needed.

The controls are easy to use. Just choose the activity you want to do, and the remote will do the rest of the work. No need for 12 remotes all lying all over the place. Do all the work with this one remote.

The remote also has a nice sleek design making it comfortably fit into your hand. The buttons are in the perfect place, making it easier to push the buttons.

This remote gives control of up to 15 different home entertainment devices.

I was really happy with this remote. It made everything so much easier. I could get rid of all my other remotes and just use this one remote. The design looks really nice as well. The Logitech Harmony Universal Remote is a great remote that should be tried by all people.

I rate this a 5/5
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