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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ps3 Slim Electronics Review

This is an electronics review of the new ps3 slim.The ps3 slim was released today. Though, I pre-ordered it, and I was able to get it a few days ago. I really liked what I saw. The ps3 slim is much smaller than its predecessor. Weighing much less, the ps3 slim can actually be taken to other places. This is a HUGE advantage compared to the much older ps3. What really was important with this was the price cut. Sony announced that the ps3 slim would only cost $300. This was great for me! I could actually buy this ps3 for a great price.

The ps3 is one of the best blu ray players on the market and so this is a great bargain for only $300 and constant updates. The ps3 was clearly a victor. And it has other qualities like the ability to play games, surf the web, upload media, and much more. The ps3 is a bargain at $300 and if you're looking for a good blu ray player on the market, you shouldn't miss this one.

Another upgrade to the ps3 slim is the cooling unit. Sony has upgraded the cooling unit which results in a ps3 that runs much faster and heats up slower. Also for you energy conservatives, the ps3 slim consumes almost 50% less energy than the old ps3. Much better when you're looking at your energy bill.

With any product there are some setbacks, and the ps3 slim doesn't avoid these. For one, the old ps3 could play ps2 games. The new ps3 however can't, so if you have 100 ps2 games lying around, don't sell your ps2.

Overall, the ps3 is the best console for people that want a great gaming system with a blu ray player and features like surfing the web, and media playing. The ps3 slim is a great investment for those who could not afford the ps3 before. A price cut, slimmer design, and improved energy efficiency are just a few of the reasons to buy a ps3 slim.

This deserves a 4.5/5

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