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Sunday, September 20, 2009

HP Pavilion G70-250US Laptop

This electronics review is for the HP Pavilion G70-250US 17.0 inch laptop. This is a really great laptop, and one that I highly recommend, as I enjoyed this, and I use it more than my desktop.

Firstly, the G70 comes with a 17 in screen. Extremely big, which is perfect if you are watching movies. Bigger screen = better resolution. It has a built in web cam with microphone so that you can easily web chat, chat vocally in games, and more. External DVD buttons give you full control over how to watch movies and play music through HP Quickplay.

The laptop comes with a 2.0 GHz Intel Premium 24200 processor. This processor makes multi tasking extremely easy. You can easily play games while running a virus scan in the background. The laptop runs smooth and efficient. It also comes with a 320 gb hard drive which is a ton of space for storing different files, music, games, and more!

The 17 in high definition screen with a widescreen resolution of 1440x900 pixels is perfect for watching movies and playing games. Great graphics really help this laptop in delivering a truly outstanding experience.

My only complaint with this laptop is that it comes with Windows Vista, which is a really bad client. Expect many crashes not because of the laptop but because of Vista. Hopefully when Windows 7 comes out, it will fix these problems.

Overall, the HP Pavilion G70-250US Laptop provides a great experience whether it be playing games, watching movies, or surfing the web. Stunning visuals, lots of space, and a fast processor all make this laptop truly worth getting.

I rate this a 4/5

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